Environmental Consulting

Comprehensive environmental Consulting, Engineering, and Health & Safety management.

Our Core Services

Industrial Hygiene
Committed to protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace and communities
Health and Safety
Workplace safety consulting, lead paint management and OSHA compliance programs
Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials, Testing, Abatement, Design & Management Services
Environmental Due Diligence
Property transaction where potential environmental risks are a concern — minimize risks and protect yourself from liability
Deep understanding Soil, Water, and Pollutant Interaction that occur when soil is exposed to various contaminants
Compliance Services
Protection from the hazards of waste disposal by recycling, eliminating, and clean up waste that may spill, leak or been improperly disposed of

BATTA Environmental Associates

BATTA provides international services for commercial and residential environmental testing for mold, lead, asbestos in water, soil, air, and more.

Our comprehensive environmental engineering and environmental-health-safety consulting services is supported by our in-house accredited environmental laboratory.  Since 1982, we have specialized in the areas of Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Engineering, Indoor Air Quality and Geo-Environmental.Our clients, and the greater community we serve, rely upon our efforts and our achievements; and our goal is to continue providing them with reliable quality service. Below is a comprehensive overview of our capabilities, and services we frequently perform

Environmental Engineers 76%
Certified Industrial Hygienist 53%
Field Technicians 70%
Industrial Hygienist 55%

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Industrial Hygiene Management Consulting

Our scientists and engineers are committed to protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace and the community. Our Industrial Hygiene (IH) Services Group is a professional service for Asbestos, Lead Based Paint (LBP), Mold Abatement Project Design and Project Management services. We serve clients in varying markets in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.  The IH group integrates with our Indoor Air Quality group to provide common, traditional Industrial Hygiene services such as chemical exposure studies, exposure risk assessments, and health/safety consulting.

We provide:

Our IH Group routinely designs, manages, and monitors Lead, Asbestos, Mold, PCBs and other hazardous materials projects.  Lead Paint, Asbestos, Mold, and HAZMAT Surveys are always performed using AHERA, H.U.D. Guidelines, etc. Our clients include school districts, industrial businesses, Fortune 500 companies, state and federal governmental entities, and more! Our experienced, Certified Project Designers execute projects in accordance with state and federal environmental regulations and keep the projects running on time and within budget. We house the largest IH Team in Delaware. BATTA has the in-house capability to handle small and large industrial hygiene projects and has been providing these services since 1982.

Health and Safety Management Consulting

BATTA Environmental frequently delivers cutting-edge environmental health and safety (EHS) services to clients nationwide. Our innovative approach to EHS issues allows for cost-effective solutions, but more importantly, measurable reduced risk and liability. BATTA provides EHS Auditing, Due Diligence, Training and more. See below for a comprehensive list of our industry-leading Environmental Health and Safety Management Services.

We Provide:

Hazardous Materials Assessments & Control

Unfortunately, accidents and HAZMAT issues occur, and not always at the ideal times. Every Hazardous Material issue is different, and requires a unique plan of action for remediation. The HAZMAT team at BATTA Environmental has extensive experience addressing these issues. We strive to tackle these issues quickly, and efficiently, so you can stay safe and ahead of schedule with your project.

We Provide:

We regularly provide complete Lead Based Paint (LBP) and Asbestos Abatement Project Design, Management and Contract Administration Air Monitoring during LBP projects. We always provide Lead, Asbestos, other HAZMAT Surveys using AHERA, H.U.D. Guidelines during Asbestos and HAZMAT Abatement Projects. We provide Laboratory Testing for investigation/characterization of HAZMATs; Hazardous material building surveying for contaminants such as asbestos, lead paint, mold, PCBs, etc; Laboratory analysis including asbestos, lead, inorganic and organic parameters


Environmental Site Assessment & Due Diligence

Acquiring and developing land can be a slippery slope of liability and unfortunate surprises. Every Site is different, and all contain unique challenges that may not be immediately obvious. BATTA Environmental works tirelessly with commercial and residential real estate developers and construction firms to ensure that a site is ready for the next step. Our field personnel and laboratory experts are the best in the business, and will provide clear and concise reporting at all steps of the process. We have performed investigations and assessments on hundreds of properties, and are fully compliant with all state and EPA environmental regulations.

We Provide:

Environmental Investigations and Remediation

In recent years, increased government involvement in environmental issues has led to stricter regulations and the necessity for more comprehensive approaches to environmental issues. BATTA Environmental is the Mid Atlantic Region’s premier environmental consulting firm. Our experience with investigative and remediation procedures is unsurpassed due to our highly knowledgeable and qualified staff. BATTA’s field and laboratory staff work together to address the issues quickly and efficiently. Our Professional Engineers, Geologists and Industrial Hygienists have developed countless remediation and EHS plans.

We Provide:

Compliance Driven Environmental Services

BATTA’s team of experts will help to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations in regards to environmental issues. We are qualified to prepare SWPPPs, Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, long-term stewardship plans, reports, permits, etc. Navigating government regulations can be tricky business. BATTA will help to minimize the risk of an environmental incident, and keep you compliant.

We Provide: