Former Communications Printers in Newark, DE – Brownfields Redevelopment

In April of 2015, BATTA completed a Brownfields Remedial Investigation for GFP Properties, LLC at 2840-2850 Ogletown Road, Newark DE.  The site is known as the Former Communications Printers and was certified as a Brownfields in late 2014.   BATTA provided comprehensive environmental consulting, testing, and reporting services for this real estate developer.  The site that GFP had purchased was the previous location of a large printing facility with suspected metallic and Poly-cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) contaminants.

Over time, many of the hazardous chemicals used in the facility had leaked, spilled, or otherwise found their way into the soil on this property.  This became the perfect location for a Brownfield investigation/ remediation project with the conceptual development plan geared towards light industrial and commercial. BATTA facilitated this Brownfield Remedial Investigation project from start to finish.  A comprehensive Conceptual Site Model (CSM) was developed using information from previous Phase I and Phase II reports.  The Delaware Environmental Navigator (DEN) was searched for surrounding site files and information.  A Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) was developed to focus the investigation on soils, groundwater and soil-gas.  BATTA facilitated a Scoping Meeting with DNREC-SIRS and the Developer.  A final CSM, SAP and Health and Safety Plan were developed to guide the site investigation.

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