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Solutions for Environmental Contamination

We provide environmentally friendly products and solutions for a variety of problems

BATTA Technologies

BATTA Technologies, LLC strives to provide environmentally friendly products and solutions for a variety of problems. BATTA is passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve when it comes to solutions for water, air and soil contamination. Our engineers and global partners work every day to discover new, innovative techniques for environmental issues.

Indoor Air Quality

Airocide’s patented NASA technology utilizes a reaction chamber packed with tiny catalysts that have been coated in a proprietary solution that will not delaminate. When excited from their highly reactive surface, a water molecule is split and a surface-bound hydroxyl radical is formed. Any organic, solid or gaseous, regardless of size that collides with it is instantly oxidized.

Water Purification

We partner with Axon, a Swedish manufacturer of robust water filters. Using a thermally treated peat that is harvested in the arctic regions of Sweden, our filters are highly effective at removing more than 99% of oil, petroleum, solvent and metallic contamination. This peat can also be used on its own to treat oil spills on water and to biodegrade land contamination.

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