Lead-Safe Program & Healthy Homes: Landlords

Lead and Healthy Rental Housing

Services for testing and preventing lead poisoning for Landlords

Lead Based Paint Inspection Services

BATTA is pleased to offer Lead Based Paint inspection services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. BATTA conducts the following services:

  • Review any previous Lead Risk Assessments. Review the findings of any Risk Assessment or reevaluation or Lead-based Paint Inspection that has already been completed for the property.
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment to identify defective interior and the exterior painted surfaces in the building.
  • Utilize an X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer (“XRF”) for lead in paint testing. The testing device will be able to identify lead in all layers of paint.
  • Collect dust samples from areas frequented by children, including bedrooms and play areas.
  • Collect Soil samples from bare soil areas, particularly child play areas.
  • A final report will be completed within 10 business days from completion of an onsite inspection. The report will include the following:
    • XRF Detailed Report: Listing the location and result of every sample that was taken.
    • XRF Summary Report: Listing the location and concentration of deteriorated lead based paint.
    • Findings Report: A report which interprets the XRF findings and identifies the components that contain lead paint. Includes lead dust wipes and soil sample results.
    • Recommendations: Provide options for dealing with any lead paint issues.
    • Lead Safe or Lead free Certificate, if applicable.

Philadelphia Landlords

  • Philadelphia Landlords are now required to test and certify rental properties as lead safe or lead free, regardless of a child’s age in order to execute a new or renewed lease or receive or renew a rental license. Learn more about this regulation here.
  • Batta Environmental is approved to test and certify that a rental property is lead safe or lead free.
  • After receiving our lead certification, landlords should submit the results to the City’s Lead Certification Submission System here.
  • Learn more about Philadelphia’s laws and regulations in the City’s Lead Guide.


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