PATH Infrastructure Improvements: Exchange Place Station – Stage 1

Batta Environmental Associates (BATTA) was tasked by Burns Engineering with assisting the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) Corporation in the preparation of a Conceptual Design Report, Contract Documents, and Environmental Assessments during the replacement of Exchange Place Station sump pumps and mechanical room repairs. The PATH Exchange Place Station is located at 68 Christopher Columbus Dr., Jersey City, NJ, adjacent to the Hudson River and its sub-basement sump pump room equipment and drainage discharges were previously renovated in 2002.

During Superstorm Sandy, the Exchange Place Station was flooded. The sump pumps, piping, wiring, conduits, and under track pipe chase/crawl space were immersed in brackish water, and the mechanical and electrical utilities and sub-basement mechanical room structure sustained extensive damage and latent salt water damage. The pumps require constant maintenance to keep functioning.

BATTA is supporting the Authority by ensuring a safe work environment during the Replacement of the Exchange Place Station Sump Pumps and Mechanical Room Repairs. This requires the completion of necessary geotechnical ground improvements water proofing and leak mitigation, to avoid further water infiltration, shall be completed. The finishes are expected to be restored.

All work areas were sampled and tested for the presence of any dangerous substances and a survey of the existing conditions was performed. All samples that were taken were tested for any suspected asbestos containing materials (ACM), lead paint, and universal waste that could have been present. Sample locations included a sub-basement mechanical room, a platform space above the sub-basement mechanical room, a ventilation tunnel and shaft, the pipe tunnel below the platform, and lastly a pump room.

The overall project goal during the now completed Stage I – Conceptual Design Report was to:

  • Assess how to remove and install the new pump through doorways and hallways with limited areas.
  • Assess how to replace all piping, conduit, etc. within the under track/platform pipe chase/crawl space, without disruption to the operation of any system(s) served by utilities within the under track/platform pipe chase/crawl space.
  • Staging and phasing plans of all work, cost estimate, construction schedule, site constraints, structural feasibility, and impact to facility operations. Staging and phasing is expected to limit shut down of pump equipment to the shortest possible duration.



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