The Lofts at Clifford Brown Walk – Brownfield Redevelopment

  • Phase I Preliminary Assessment
  • Phase II Site Investigation
  • Geophysical Survey (GPR)
  • Brownfields Remedial Investigation
  • Human Health Based Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Engineering

The Lofts at Clifford Brown Walk is an adaptive reuse project that will bring high-end affordable housing to Brownfields site that was formerly used as an industrial tanning operation. BATTA has served as the Environmental Engineer of Record performing a wide range of Engineering, Remediation, and Health and Safety services. BATTA completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in 2012 and a follow-up Phase II Environmental Site Assessment in early 2013. The Phase II also included a building-wide assessment of Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and Lead-based Paint (LBP). As part of the Phase II, a Geophysical Survey (GPR) was conducted to mark out site utilities and to provide additional insight into presence of buried tanks or drums.

This location housed a warehouse that had previously been used as a storage facility for a tannery, and also an industrial lithograph printing operation for over 50 years. There were believed to be a great deal of hazardous chemicals still left over in the soil and groundwater from when the warehouse was still operational as well as unknown nature of large amounts of historical fill. A Brownfields Remediation Investigation was developed consistent with state regulations. A Proposed and Final Plan of Remedial Action were advertised along with Contaminated Materials Management Plan. After extensive investigation and planning, the remedial constuction phase was completed. Considering the proposed site usage to be residential, the planning, scope and implementation of the Investigation needed to be systematic, thorough, and exhaustive. Again, the BATTA team exceeded expectations which allowed for a seamless transition from a highly hazardous site to safe and functioning facility that will bring much-needed modern housing units to a growing urban area. The apartment building is now fully functional and ready to bring in occupants!

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