Professional Reference- As the GSA Project Manager, I would like to again extend an expression of my total satisfaction with the highest quality effort, exceptional professionalism, and superb levels of customer focused services provided by your entire Project Team throughout the duration and successfully completion of this project.  Job WELL DONE!

  • BATTA led a fully-integrated A/E team consisting of Environmental, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, and Cost Estimating Disciplines
  • Program Development Study for Asbestos Abatement and Reheat Coil Replacement
  • Multiple Stakeholders including GSA, Court of Federal Claims and Court of Appeals
  • High Profile project with no Swing Space
  • Site Inspections, Assessment and Design Programming needed to be sensitive to Building and Occupants

BATTA has recently completed a Program Development Study (PDS) to provide Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) abatement in the various spaces above ceilings (plenum space) at the Howard T. Markey National Courts Building. The ACM abatement is required to facilitate the removal and replacement of Reheat Coils and Reheat Water Piping Mains which are also part of the overall project. The PDS for the Design and Construction program was needed to implement and fulfill the project objectives and requirements. The PDS firmly established the project’s design program, implementation strategy, construction phasing plan, procurement strategy, and budget.

The PDS was commissioned to provide details on Design Programming, Implementation Plan, and Cost Estimating for the proposed project in a fully-occupied and active building. The Design Programming was to determine requirements to implement the project scope and objectives. As part of the Design Programming, site inspections, data gathering, and tenant agency correspondence were completed to understand, confirm, and establish the critical features and key functional issues. Site inspections included Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Protection. Implementation Planning was completed to evaluate all implementation issues and procedures to implement the project scope, objectives, and requirements. Critical coordination issues and construction phasing concerns were identified and studied as part of the PDS. Considering the construction and asbestos abatement would take place in an occupied building, phasing and occupant-sensitivity was of utmost issue.

Details were included on Special Considerations and Programming Issues that are vital to the success of future Design and Construction. The 100% submission provided a fully developed Design Methodology and Implementation Strategy for phased construction that seeks to account for all Stakeholder concerns and requests. Cost estimating was prepared as part of the PDS. All estimates were prepared to adhere to Project Estimating Requirements – Jan 2007 (GSA-PBS P-120).

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