US Army Corps of Engineers

Hazardous Material Survey of Fuel Cell MX Dock – Langley Air Force Base

Batta Environmental provided Hazard Material Survey of the Fuel Cell MX Dock located at Langley AFB. Our scope of services included a pre-demolition Hazard Material Survey for Building 373. The objective was to characterize building materials prior to demolition and deconstruction activities.

The Primary Facility includes electrical, static-grounded floor, plumbing, heating, compressed air system, fire detection/protection, mechanical air ventilation, fume detection, explosive-proof light fixtures and switches, wash-down drainage trenches, foam waste distribution and pump station, and special foundation ten (10) feet above high mean sea level.

As the initial task, BATTA prepared a Hazardous Materials Testing Report. This report presented the existing conditions of the building related to the presence of Hazardous Materials. The report was developed based off of a series of previous reports and testing data as well as current site visits, sampling and results to document the presence, condition and quantity of Hazardous Materials. The Materials identified and covered included Asbestos-containing Building materials including roofing, Lead-based Paint, and materials/substances covered under RCRA, TSCA, CERCLA and the Universal Waste Rule. The detailed report presented results, recommendations and cost estimates for the safe and regulatory-compliant handling of ACM, LBP, PCBs (contained in light ballasts, HID lighting, caulks, epoxy sealants), batteries (NiCd and lead acid used in Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting), mercury- containing devices (thermostats and lamps), fluorescent light tubes, and refrigerants. Materials were inventoried and presented in tabular form.



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