Jackson Pit Site in Lewes, DE – Brownfields Redevelopment

Jackson Pit Site in Lewes, DE – Brownfields Redevelopment & Remediation

The Jackson Pit site, was a designated Brownfield behind the Lewes Home Depot and neighboring Eagle Point subdivision in Lewes, DE. The site contained decades’ worth of illegal dumping materials and debris including: house wastes and lumber. This caused major environmental concern due to the release of methane from the decomposing wood debris.  The site was selected for redeveloped, making way for an apartment complex that has been in the works since 2008. Sussex County planners and council members approved the development of a 168 unit apartment complex.  The proposed complex – the Arbors of Cottagedale Apartment – approval and construction were contingent upon clean up of the Jackson Pit site. Batta was responsible for the design and monitoring of on-site excavation. Batta performed segregation and disposal of soil (surface and subsurface) and buried organic debris and biodegradable waste.

BATTA provided services:

  • Brownfield Remedial Action Implementation
  • Brownfield Remedial Action Completion Report
  • COCR Request
  • Long-Term Stewardship and O&M Plan

BATTA’s scope includes management services for the following:

  • Groundwater Sampling
  • Health and Safety Plan (HASP)
  • Daily oversight and management of Brownfield remedial activities
  • Enforcing site-specific health and safety protocols
  • Sampling of soils as needed for incoming fill and contaminated areas
  • Airborne dust monitoring and measurements,
  • Recording of all daily activities, work locations, and soil movements

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