Valla De Bravo – Water Quality Improvement Project

Comision Nacional del Agua (CONAGUA) Water Quality Improvement Project - Vallo de Bravo, Mexico

In 2020, BATTA Environmental Associates was awarded a U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) grant-funded Technical Assistance contract to provide environmental engineering services for CONAGUA, the National Water Commission of Mexico.

The provision of drinking water to the greater Mexico City Metropolitan Area is predominantly reliant on the Cutzamala System, with approximately 35% of this water being sourced from the Valle de Bravo Reservoir. Regrettably, the Reservoir's water quality has markedly declined due to elevated levels of nutrients stemming from various anthropogenic and environmental sources, leading to detrimental eutrophication processes characterized by the proliferation of copious amounts of algae and biologically-oxygen demand intensive species that deprive the Reservoir of essential oxygen.

In response to this issue, BATTA's multi-national team of environmental and engineering experts have been tasked with providing technical engineering designs, comprehensive construction analyses, accurate cost estimates, rigorous environmental impact assessments, and effective funding mechanisms to facilitate a project aimed at achieving sustainable and long-lasting improvements in the water quality of the Reservoir.

To date, BATTA has provided Technical Assistance to prepare the “Front-end Loading” design package inclusive of the required preliminary engineering and design details for the introduction of oxygen to the Reservoir via Speece Cone Superoxygenation technology. BATTA has completed a Bathymetric Survey, Underwater Survey, Preliminary Engineering including Oxygen Demand calculations and Technical Construction Approaches. BATTA is also investigating capital and operating cost estimates, environmental impact and climate resiliency analyses, and an implementation plan for final design and construction phases.



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