Air Quality

Bringing NASA technology down to earth

Airocide’s patented NASA technology utilizes a reaction chamber packed with tiny catalysts that have been coated in a proprietary solution that will not delaminate. When excited from their highly reactive surface, a water molecule is split and a surface-bound hydroxyl radical is formed. Any organic, solid or gaseous, regardless of size that collides with it is instantly oxidized.

Clinically proven to eradicate ethylene gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold — even anthrax.

  • Airocide APS-200

    The Airocide APS-200 is a true filterless air purifier. It is efficacious, but also beautiful. As an Edison Award recipient for design, it is a complement to any modern home. It’s small and compact, yet powerful it can fit into any room.

  • Airocide GCS-25 – Industrial

    Developed to manage smaller volume conditions. The GCS 25 is appropriate for individual rooms (private offices), cold storage rooms, and many public spaces where odors may be present.

  • Airocide GCS-50 – Industrial

    The GCS 50 is appropriate for most situations including large cold storage facilities and public spaces. Where large areas are involved, several units may be required to cover the space.

  • Airocide GCS-100 – Industrial

    The GCS 100 adds dwell time to the process to ensure elimination of high volume bio-particulate in the most extreme situations such as operating theaters, critical care units and food processing lines.

Proven Solutions for Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Proven Solutions for Indoor Air Quality Improvement

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