Lackawanna Housing Authority

Pre-Demolition and Remediation Surveys

Starting in 2018, Batta performed Lead, Asbestos, Mold, and Radon testing services for Lackawanna Countys’ Remediation and Demolition projects. These projects are in conjunction with the Counties housing rehabilitation programs and other grant programs. Under the direction of Lackawanna County, our team provided comprehensive sampling, testing, inspection reports, specifications interim control of identified hazards, and Final Clearance Reports.

Comprehensive Environmental Services for Housing Rehabilitation Projects

BATTAs Industrial Hygienist aimed to identify all environmentally hazardous materials located in the residential structure including: asbestos containing materials (ACM), lead based paint (LBP), Mold and Radon regulated under the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction for Housing and Community Development Act of 1992, Safety and Health Regulations for Construction (29 CFR Part 1926), and Radon Code (25 PA). Remediation Designs included controls for lead based paint, asbestos, radon, and mold to eliminate the hazard along with cost estimates; in addition, once the construction contractor has completed remediation, a clearance report must be completed.

Pre-Demo Surveys & Assessments

The BATTA Team was responsible for performing Site Assessments and Pre-Demolition Hazardous Material Surveys. This includes submitting a report of the findings to be used by the County as the basis for procuring abatement and demolitions services. The report identified asbestos, lead and other hazardous materials found onsite; analytical sampling and testing results. The report also provided recommendations for disposal of asbestos, lead and other hazardous/regulated materials; and, identified materials that could be targeted for deconstruction/salvage/recycling; along with a Remediation Design.

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