Architect of the Capitol

Starting in 2020, BATTA Environmental Associates was selected to perform hazardous materials testing, reporting, and consulting services in conjunction with Michael Graves Architecture and Design for the Architect of the Capitol. Hazardous materials survey and analysis reports were also provided by BATTA. We hope to continue work with the Architect of the Capitol in the near future.

BATTA provided reviews of existing hazardous materials, submitted Hazardous materials samplings and analysis plans, performed field surveys and additional HAZMAT testing, while also providing a hazardous materials survey and analysis report. The focus of the services included floor mounted equipment, all back of house and front of house food service spaces, oil/grease handling systems, delivery locations, storage areas, vending areas, seating areas, and restaurant office spaces. The findings of hazardous materials were presented in narrative and tabular format. Sites have included Senate office buildings and Library of Congress.

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